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Guinevere Antiques

The Iconic antiques shop from the King's Road, London


Brochure design + Book Design + Ads




2014 - 2019

Guinevere Antiques opened in 1963, in what was then, the disreputable end of the famous Kings Road, Chelsea.

Today, the store is surrounded by art galleries, smart restaurants and interiors shops. Guinevere is now run by Kevin and Marc Weaver.

The philosophy is one of mixing different styles and eras of furniture together – Ancient and Modern, East and West. Kevin and Marc have taken up these forward-thinking ideas by several notches. Their flair for combining styles of furniture and objects is still revolutionary in the antiques trade.

With such incredible art direction and photography

supplied by the Guinevere team,

I designed books, brochure and advertising for the company.

Guineveres 50th Anniversary book

Created to celebrate the life and works of Guinevere, the book was a collection of fantastic stories and interviews from the greatest interior design people of our time.  

From Valentino to Anouscka Hemel many people visit the shop to explore the many rooms full of priceless artifacts.

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